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Norman Aviation is a Canadian aircraft manufacturer originally based in Lévis, Quebec and now in Saint-Anselme, Quebec.

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My final question for Ryan and Matt was what advice they would give other VFS students from what they had learned. They both hesitated. We all had to laugh when we realized it had only been 2 months since they graduated and Matt was still in his first week on the job. Too soon, maybe? But they had some great advice. Matt suggested, ‘Really be aware, as a designer, of what you’re creating — whether you’re a UI designer or User Experience designer — know the process and be ready to support your decisions if you’re in an interview. For instance, in my interview, it was like an interrogation.

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Filter, the digital solutions agency where I work, has recently teamed up with VFS to help students find jobs after graduation. Since my job (all day every day) is to work with companies to find talented designers, I was curious what the process was like for Ryan and Matt from the other side of the fence.