How To Report On A Character-Driven Science Story

Instagram Live  |  1pm, Thursday 3 September

Join us for our next OWM In Conversation event where we will be talking to Science Journalist, Yao-Hua Law about his unforgettable story, How To Save A Country From Snakebite (winner of the OWM Print Award 2020)!

In this free online event, Yao-Hua will share how he followed the fascinating story of emergency physician, Dr Tri Maharani, as she strives to improve her country’s almost non-existent snakebite management. This will be a masterclass in using engaging, narrative-driven science stories to shine a light on important and rarely reported subjects.

The conversation will be streamed live on our Instagram. To join the event, simply follow us on Instagram @oneworldm, head to our profile at 1pm (BST) on the date of the event, and click on our live story.