Since its launch in 2001, the One World Media Production Fund has supported 184 emerging journalists and filmmakers to report from over 70 countries from the developing world.

Many of these talented storytellers have continued to go from strength to strength since we first met – from securing commissions with major broadcasters like the BBC, Al Jazeera, and Channel 4, to touring the international film festivals with their feature documentaries!

In this blog we have highlighted a few recent updates from our grantees.


Lucy Provan

In 2017, filmmaker Lucy Provan, travelled to Sudan to document the story of two Sudanese inventors determined to stop the desert swallowing up their country.

Supported by the One World Media Production Fund, Lucy followed the Sudanese inventors, Hatem and Mohammed, on their journey to develop Sudan’s first and only agricultural drone company.



Her resulting documentary, ‘Drowning in Sands’ was picked up by Al Jazeera Witness and is being screened at film festivals all over the world including, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Reel World Film Festival and Green Screen Festival.

Follow Lucy’s latest work here.


Dan Faber

London-based filmmaker Dan Faber was selected as a Production Fund grantee this year, allowing us to support him to complete his short documentary ‘Panama Mundial‘.

The film tells the story of Panama’s World Cup team and the hope of Panamanians that the national football team’s participation at the World Cup will be a catalyst for positive change in their country.



Dan’s story was picked up and broadcast as a news piece on Channel 4 and distributed internationally by Journeyman Pictures.

Follow Dan’s latest work here.


Arij Al-Soltan

Arij Al-Soltan is a British-Iraqi producer and filmmaker. In 2017, she was selected as a Production Fund grantee to travel to Baghdad to shoot her documentary, Korean Lovers In Baghdad.

Arij’s film follows the journey of a young Iraqi woman whose obsession with all things Korean inspires her to move to South Korea. A journey a growing number of young Iraqis are looking to make.



Arij’s film has since been picked up and broadcast on Al Jazeera English.

Follow Arij’s latest work here.


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